Call For Poster

6th International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education (ICERIE 2021)

General guidelines for Conference Poster:

The ICERIE 2021organizers recommends the poster size is 24″ ×36″. Please allow plenty of time to design and decorate your poster. As the poster session will be fully on line, the poster should be soft copy (Do not print). After the creation, please submit it via online or email to us.

First, setup the poster size 24″ × 36″.

Set a margin 12mm (0.5 inch) around the page.

Poster component: A standard conference poster has the following components:

  1. Title of the article (font size 36, Single spacing, maximum 3 lines)
  2. Authors’ names (First name, Middle, Last Name, e.g., Abdur R. Khan, Musa Ibrahim and Sagouta Paul)
  3. Authors’ affiliations (example: Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh)
  4. Typical headings: ●Summary/ Abstract (maximum 250 words and 5-7 key words); ●Introduction ●Methods/ Methodology/ Procedure/ Experimental ●Results ●Conclusions ●References ●Acknowledgement of funding source (if applicable).

Some Tips for Conference Poster


  • Plan a poster layout. Divide the poster into 2-3 columns, depending on work.
  • Use headings to identify sections.
  • Avoid long stretches of text. Break up text with pictures, tables, figures, etc. For visual appeal and to save space, use graphics instead of text to illustrate points.
  • Blank space should make up at least 25-35% of your poster.
  • Select the content as the viewers can be able to scan material quickly (You have about 3 seconds to attract viewers!). It is recommended to use short sentences or bulleted text.


  • Use sans serif fonts for titles and headings (for example, Times New Roman, Arial, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet or Verdana). 
  • Use serif fonts for the body (for example: Times New Roman, Palatino, Arial, Franklin Gothic). 
  • Do not use all CAPS (e.g., POWERPOINT POSTER TEMPLATES FOR RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION), as it is hard to read. Try to use “Sentence case.” 
  • Select the Text size as the texts can bereadable from three to five feet away. Title font size should be about 40-60 points and text 24 points or larger. However, font size is about judgment and what looks best with your poster. 
  • Graphs and tables should be large (minimum of 8.5 x 11 inches) is preferable).


Different colors are used to unify the poster. Therefore,

  • Choose 2 or 3 colors and keep them consistent. 
  • Use strong, and primary colors. 
  • You can use color to highlight keywords in text. However, most text should be black. 
  • Backgrounds should be plain (white is a good choice). Avoid backgrounds with patterns or gradients – sometimes they do not print well.


Graphics are tricky, and it looks good on the screen, however, it does not mean it will print well on the paper or plastic! Therefore, 

  • Graphics should be in a resolution of at least 300dpi. 
  • Try to avoid using screen shots, they are usually on low resolution (72 dpi) and becomes blurry when printed on a large scale.
  • DO NOT make graphics larger by stretching them on the screen. They will not look good. Size and resolution must be captured at origination.
  • Excel graphs and clip art are easy to manipulate because they are different types of graphics than digital photos or scanned images.

Reference list

Use the as minimum number of references as possible. Use the shortest reference style, for example:

  1. Fong E, Wilhite A. Authorship and citation manipulation in academic research. Pub Med. 12(2), 2017:327.
  2. Feller I. Performance measurement and the governance of American academic science. Minerva. 47(3), 2009:323.